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Dazzle invests in alternative credit scoring Tech company CreditAIs

2020 was a year of adjustments. At Dazzle Angels we found ourselves having to adjust our sourcing and DD process to a virtual one. The work put in paid off, because in early 2021 we made our second investment as an Angel Investment group, CreditAIs.

CreditAIs is a Fintech company that provides predictive insights through machine learning, co-founded by Thulisile Volwana and Sabelo Sibanda in 2020.

Many individuals and small businesses the world over, and specifically in economies such as South Africa’s, require access to credit and financial wellbeing resources. This was highlighted even more during 2020. The vast majority of individuals and businesses requiring credit, often do not fit the criteria for the likes of the FICO score and are financially excluded as a result.

This is where CreditAIs steps in by developing applications that credit score individuals and businesses that don't fit the traditional models using alternative data and machine learning.

“Our purpose is to provide businesses and individuals with financial solutions that sustainably improve their financial well-being.”, Thulisile Volwana, COO and Co-Founder of CreditAIs.

Aiming to be the world’s most impactful Fintech company, CreditAIs exists to improve lending conditions and access to wealth-building tools for individuals and small businesses.

If you are in the business of lending and are looking to improve your performance, we can arrange a demo of CreditAIs’ offering; please contact Dazzle Angels, Thulisile Volwana or Sableo Sibanda.

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